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Casedo now 50% faster

November 2020 Update


Our heaviest users, particularly those who've been using Casedo in court settings, demanded Casedo be much faster, especially in scrolling through large casefiles. We have delivered with the new Casedo v1.5.

Today we can announce:
  • 120% faster importing documents 
  • 50% faster scrolling and switching between documents 
  • 30% faster search
A technical release, the new version of the application includes better user support features in addition to the speed boost. See the full Release Announcement for more details. 

And we're not going to be sitting back now that we're going faster... we are currently coming to the end of the v1.6 development cycle which, following extensive testing will be released in the new year. v1.6 will include the ability to rotate and delete individual pages within a casefile. The rotate feature has been in huge demand from our users.

In other news...

We've been extremely busy with digital events and publishing in the last month.


We published half a dozen or so articles in the last month which can be found on our Insights Hub or over at Legal Futures.

Our relationship with the UCL Fintech Society is going strong as evidenced in the events above. With regard to UCL Law Society, the mooting competitions are now progressing through their rounds, with the senior competition coming to a conclusion in the new year. Due to the success of the mooting competitions we are getting increasing interest from other universities, hopefully we'll have some announcements in the next newsletter.

Just to remind you that in response to requests from users, we have set up a Referral Scheme. Acknowledging the client / lawyer relationship nature of most of our users' work, we have put in place a two-pronged scheme that works with referring Casedo to peers and separately to clients, this is built to negotiate any conflicts of interest. Please email if you want to find out more.


We're not naturals at social media, but do follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter!

Have a great month, and do join me at the webinar next week or feel free to contact me about anything at all Casedo-related.